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Trademarks – All you need to know!

Your trademark is valuable and becomes more valuable over time the more you use it.

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Are you battling over your trademark or other intellectual property rights? We can help with oppositions, cancellation applications…

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Under the Madrid Protocol, since October 2004, you can file one trademark application to cover many countries, including the UK…

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Case studies: Why you should trademark your name

Our overseas client, a Greek manufacturer of confectionery products, terminated their UK agent only to find that the UK agent had registered their trademark in the UK. We negotiated a transfer of the mark back to our client for nil cost.

Overseas client stops UK distributor

We prevented a business in France from stealing and continuing to use our client’s web domain name and website copy, obtained undertakings from the infringers against future use and obtained payment of our client’s legal costs. Trademark registration of our client's name and brand was a key part of this strategy.

Domain hijack

Daily trademark news updates

While Prince could still sue someone infringing on his name even without a federal trademark registration, a federal fil [Read more]

However, CBP disagreed and interpreted the trademark regulation as applying only to registered trademarks or trademarks [Read more]

In 2014, no one held federal trademark rights of any kind in the Charles James name; at that time, there were not any fe [Read more]

In December, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) was i [Read more]